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We Move The World Read Aloud Day: February 1, 2023

I am thrilled to participate in World Read Aloud Day again!

I'll be reading WE MOVE THE WORLD!

(Or possibly my upcoming release of BUTT OR FACE? if I have permission from Sourcebooks...)

Our WRAD virtual visit will go something like this:

1-2 minutes: Quick introduction & talk a little about being a picture book author.

7-10 minutes: Read aloud one of my books

5-8 minutes: Q&A with students about writing

1-2 minutes: Book-talk about other books I love (but didn’t write)

Educators: If you want to reserve a time slot with me, fill out this sign-up. After you sign up, I'll send you a Google Form to complete and confirm details.

If all slots are full, I'm also available for scheduling official virtual/ in-person author visits.

Check out related activities for WE MOVE THE WORLD for before or after our event.

I'm so excited to connect with your students!

P.S. Anyone else love before + after puzzles? I'm geeking out a bit to combine We Move The World + World Read Aloud Day = We Move The World Read Aloud Day!

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